TAE Summer Camp 2017 with Lewis Bernaldo de Quiros

1. – 6. August 2017 in Fiesch, Switzerland




This intensive Aikido summer camp in the Valais, Switzerland includes early morning weapons training, meditation and taijutsu classes and is open for Aikidokas of all levels of experience, background and affiliation (Traditional Aikido Europe members as well as non members welcome). This was the venue of the famous Fiesch seminars with Morihiro Saito Sensei in 1988 and 1996, as well with his son Hitohiro Saito Sensei in 1998.
Bukiwaza and Taijutsu will both be given equal emphasis and explored from basic through intermediate to higher levels with Riai, the relationship between weapons and empty handed technique as a central theme.
Throughout, the Principles of body use (tai sabaki) and relational engagement (awase) will be strongly emphasised along with the martial aspects of kuzushi (balance breaking) and atemi (strikes) as appropriate.
This is a unique opportunity to immerse in aikido practice for six days, meet old friends and make many new!

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TAE Summer camp 2017 flyer

TAE Summer camp 2017 flyer