Beginners course

When: 5. September until 3. October 2017

Times: Tuesday: 18:30 bis 19:30 and Thursday 19:00 bis 20:00

Costs: 200 CHF for 9 Trainings

Places are limited! register now: / 078 740 23 13 


Fitness with Substance

Aikido is based on the philosophies of harmony and personal growth. Training is therefore happening on a physical as well as on a mental level: defensive martial arts movements are practiced and a martial arts spirit is activated. Aikido is the perfect possibility to get fit in a community atmosphere.


What do I learn?

This course covers all basics of Aikido:

  • Introduction into the etiquette of a traditional martial art
  • Understanding ones‘ personal space
  • Evading an attack
  • The Art of Falling
  • Solo- and partner practice with staff and wooden sword
  • Basic stances and techniques
  • Application as self-defense

The dedicated and enthusiastic  instructors guarantee personal assistance and optimal learning progress.


„Definitely my best idea in years to attend the beginners course at the Kokoro Dojo! I was able to discover an absolutely new world in both athletic and spiritual terms and to get to know many exciting people. The nice thing about it is, the journey continues and enriches me week after week. And from the senseis as well as my training colleagues, I get optimum support on my way.“ Cello Wyss